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Cooperation. Collaboration. Support.

SWIPRA engages in collaborations with external partners to provide voting recommendations and allow electronic voting. Additionally, SWIPRA supports research and education in the field of corporate governance.

Department of Banking and Finance

Researchers of the Department of Banking and Finance (DBF) at the University of Zurich support SWIPRA in developing voting recommendations as well as the SWIPRA Policy Considerations. This collaboration allows to draw on scientifically-founded and empirically established knowledge.

In collaboration with the DBF, SWIPRA is annually conducting the SWIPRA Corporate Governance Survey.

The team of researchers include: Prof. Dr. Alexander F. Wagner, Dr. Christoph Wenk Bernasconi, Sascha Behnk.


Department of Law

The Department of Law (DL) of the University of Zurich, in particular the Chair for corporate law in listed companies, conducts research regarding new developments in Corporate Governance of Swiss companies.

The basic research conducted by the DL allows SWIPRA to rely on the most actual legal scientific know how for practical application and is supporting SWIPRA in its activities as a Proxy Advisor. More


In collaboration with Sherpany, SWIPRA is offering its voting recommendations, the underlying research reports as well as the possibility to vote electronically and generate an individual reporting on one single platform.

SWIPRA clients may look at the voting recommendations on the SWIPRA-Advisory Tool on Sherpany and vote electronically for all companies covered by SWIPRA. The Advisory Tool will further generate an individual reporting of the voting activity. More


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