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SWIPRA – Swiss Proxy Advisor

SWIPRA is an independent Swiss proxy advisor. It develops its voting recommendations in collaboration with the Department of Banking and Finance of the University of Zurich (“DBF”) based on principles of value-based management and with the objective of long-term value generation. SWIPRA provides its voting recommendations through its Advisory Tool on the electronic e-voting and investor relations platform “Sherpany.”

Corporate Presentation (pdf)

Efficient solution: one-stop-shop

SWIPRA’s voting recommendations are based on objective analyses of highest quality. Each company is considered individually and agenda items are evaluated on a principle-based approach.

SWIPRA is completely independent and offers neither asset management nor consulting services. The voting recommendations guarantee complete transparency with respect to the derivation of the recommendation as well as with respect to the interaction with the issuer.

SWIPRA is engaging in a dialogue with the company prior to the AGM in case of debatable agenda items and is committed to facilitate the exchange between investors and issuers throughout the year.

SWIPRA allows its clients an easy execution of their voting rights through its Advisory Tool on Sherpany. The Advisory Tool provides investors downloadable versions of the SWIPRA Research Reports, including well-founded voting recommendations, allows the possibility to vote electronically and generates an individualized reporting (compliance).

No „one-size-fits-all“-approach

SWIPRA’s analyses are based on value-based principles and are not guided by a rule-based approach.

The voting recommendations are developed on the basis of objective, economic and empirically-founded criteria focused on long-term value generation, aligned with the interest of the insured or invested persons. The approach is scientifically founded and considers each company individually.

Independent with multi-level decision process

SWIPRA’s voting recommendations are based on a unique multi-level process, allowing for an independent and well-balanced analysis.

The scientifically founded research analyses and the resulting primary voting recommendations are developed by the Department of Banking and Finance at the University of Zurich (DBF). SWIPRA verifies the primary analyses and is seeking a dialogue with the issuers in case of debatable agenda items. This dialogue is transparently disclosed in the voting recommendation and an integral part of the SWIPRA process. SWIPRA’s board of trustees ultimately has to approve each voting recommendation.

In order to provide completely independent voting recommendations, SWIPRA refrains from providing corporate governance consultancy and offers neither asset management nor proxy voting services to its clients. All SWIPRA employees follow a strict code of conduct.

Services and pricing

For institutional investors

Research, Advisory, Engagement, Voting, Reporting


For listed issuers

Access to the SWIPRA voting recommendations of the own company as well as to the SWIPRA Policy Considerations: CHF 5,000 p.a.

A pre-examination of specific items is available upon request. The confidential research-analysis is based uniquely on the currently valid SWIPRA Policy Considerations and offers the issuer an independent and well-founded assessment. However, SWIPRA does not offer corporate governance advice.