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Annual General Meetings 2014

The list below includes all companies for which SWIPRA provides voting recommendations for the Annual General Meetings (“AGM”) in 2014. Please be aware that changes to the list of companies, subject to adjustments of the composition of the SMI® and the SMI Expanded®, and dates of the individual AGMs may apply. The complete research reports and analysis are only available to SWIPRA clients.

AGM Invitation Recommendation
logo-novartis-swipra Novartis 25.02.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-roche-swipra Roche 04.03.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-sgs-swipra SGS AG 13.03.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-schindler-swipra Schindler 17.03.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-georgfischer-swipra Georg Fischer 19.03.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-givaudan-swipra Givaudan 20.03.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-sulzer-swipra Sulzer 20.03.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-clariant-swipra Clariant 24.03.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-nobelbiocare-swipra Nobel Biocare a 26.03.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-zurich-swipra Zurich 02.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-geberit-swipra Geberit 03.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-pspswissproperty-swipra PSP Swiss Property 03.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
 logo-swisscom-swipra  Swisscom 07.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-juliusbaer-swipra  Julius Bär 09.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-nestle-swipra Nestle 10.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-swissre-swipra Swiss Re 11.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-straumann-swipra  Straumann 11.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-gamholding-swipra GAM  15.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-oerlikon-swipra  OC Oerlikon 15.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-sika-swipra  Sika 15.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-swissprimesite-swipra  Swiss Prime Site 15.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-adecco-swipra  Adecco  15.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-dksh-swipra DKSH 15.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-lonza-swipra Lonza 16.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-swisslife-swipra Swiss Life 23.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-baloise-swipra Bâloise 24.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-lindtspruengli-swipra  Lindt&Sprüngli 24.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-helvetia-swipra  Helvetia 25.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-holcim-swipra Holcim 29.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-syngenta-swipra Syngenta 29.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-dufry-swipra Dufry as 29.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-abb-swipra ABB 30.04.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-kuehnenagel-swipra Kühne&Nagel 06.05.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-ubs-swipra UBS 07.05.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-actelion-swipra Actelion 08.05.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-galenica-swipra Galencia 08.05.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-creditsuisse-swipra Credit Suisse 09.05.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-swatchgroup-swipra Swatch 14.05.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-partnersgroup-swipra  Partners Group 15.05.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-transocean-swipra  Transocean as 16.05.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-ams-swipra AMS 22.05.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-temenos-swipra Temenos  28.05.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-sonova-swipra  Sonova 17.06.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-dufry-swipra  Dufry a.o. GV 26.06.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-ems-swipra  EMS 09.08.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-richemont-swipra  Richemont  17.09.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-transocean-swipra Transocean a.o. GV 22.09.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-aryzta-swipra  Aryzta 02.12.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-barrycallebaut-swipra  Barry Callebaut 10.12.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-nobelbiocare-swipra Nobel Biocare a.o. GV 15.12.14 pdf-icon-32x32
logo-logitech-swipra Logitech 18.10.14 pdf-icon-32x32