SWIPRA Newsletter - Outlook Swiss AGM Season 2024

Swiss AGM Season 2024 – Brace for more controversial shareholder votes with sustainability as a catalyst

Zurich, February 22th 2024 – The upcoming AGM season has some controversial discussions in store. SWIPRA expects an increased focus on

·       board compositions,

·       overall good corporate governance, and

·       individual board member accountability.

Apart from the ever-increasing expectations for credible leadership to manage the more challenging business environment, this is also related to

·       increasingly diverging views on the importance and implementation of sustainability measures, as well as to 

·       revived criticisms regarding compensation, in particular the pay for performance relation and overall bonus levels. 

A new common underlying catalyst for all these hotspots is the upcoming shareholder vote on the non-financial report for a broad range of listed companies in Switzerland. 

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