Experienced – Competent – Well Networked

We have longstanding experience as independent Swiss corporate
governance specialist.


We consult from the perspective of a variety of stakeholders to
create broad acceptance.


We are internationally well networked and respected across
the capital market.


We work with a Think Tank of leading personalities from the
investor and corporate issuer community.


We maintain a comprehensive proprietary knowledge data base
and conduct our own international market analyses for
professional support.


From 2014 to 2017, SWIPRA Services AG provided, in collaboration with the SWIPRA Foundation, voting recommendations for the 50 most highly capitalized shares listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, composing the SMI Expanded® index.


We support you in an investor-focused and transparent structuring of your corporate governance


We support you in the responsible exercise of your shareholder rights

Governance Think Tank

We promote a dialogue and shared understanding of corporate governance and are supported by our corporate and investor advisory boards.

Insights & News

Corporate Governance Insights and News

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