We advise boards of directors and executive management

in creating sound and modern corporate governance frameworks

for the benefit of the company and its stakeholders.


Factsheet Corporate Services

Factsheet Outside-in Board Assessments


We provide a broad set of services together with our international partner:

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Advise the board of directors and its committees on independent decision-making,
agenda-setting, board rotation and composition, internal structures and organization
and reputational risk. Assist with self-evaluation and skill matrix. Coach for engagements.


Support in building a distinct integrated governance framework, effective incentive
schemes and a meaningful disclosure. Identify risk of ESG vulnerability and key
sensitivities of investors as well as ESG rating agencies and assess their impact
based on your shareholder structure.


Understand the voting behavior of key shareholders, the influence of proxy advisors,
address concerns related to activists and M&A. Predict likely outcomes, draft key
messages, engage with investors and proxy advisors, collect feedback and monitor


Analyze likely impacts of compensation incentives, improve their alignment with
corporate goals, culture and purpose. Identify proxy advisors' and investors' sensitivities
on compensation structure and disclosure. Provide guidance and ongoing impact
assessment during implementation and communication.


Increase the understanding of how your corporate governance structure supports the
realization of strategic goals and the creation of sustainable long-term value. Assess
governance sensitivities of investors and proxy advisors. Prepare companies for stakeholder
engagements relating to ESG.

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