Our advice supports the board of directors and its teams in actively shaping their governance framework with a view towards long-term value creation:

  • Develop an individual corporate governance framework that fits your company best
  • Complement your communication strategy with an integrated disclosure and engagement-dialogues with your major stakeholders
  • Make your company more resilient towards shareholder activism

It is our firm believe that CSR is not a new concept, but an integral part of strategy and a well functioning corporate governance framework. We support the board of directors and its teams in:

  • Identifying CSR related vulnerabilities
  • Aligning your CSR targets with the company’s strategic goals and corporate culture
  • Integrating CSR actively into your existing corporate governance framework
  • Developing an integrated disclosure with respect to corporate social responsibility, strategy, corporate culture and incentives
  • Revising your risk/opportunity framework with respect to CSR related items

We help you aligning intended and actual incentives and support you in designing your compensation framework to steer efforts towards strategic financial and non-financial (CSR) targets. We support the board of directors and its teams in:

  • Assessing the intended and actual outcomes of the current financial & non-financial incentives
  • Aligning your compensation system with strategic goals and corporate culture
  • Selecting financial and non financial incentives aligned with your corporate social responsibility targets
  • Positioning your compensation system as a true value driver of your company

We support you in the design and framing of your non-financial reporting and related disclosure in connection with the new Swiss legal requirements as well as the individual needs of your company.

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