Event with SWIPRA contribution

Corporate Governance Excellence 2023 - FuW Conference | June 27, 2023

Event with SWIPRA contribution

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Together with Finanz und Wirtschaft, we are pleased to invite you to the third edition of the "Corporate Governance Excellence" conference. This half-day event reviews the eventful past year from the perspective of Swiss board members. In the evening, the event leads into a gala dinner and awards ceremony, at which the best board members of the year are recognized.

The Corporate Governance Excellence Forum of "Finanz und Wirtschaft" has set itself the task of highlighting important developments in the environment of boards of directors and what opportunities they can create for Switzerland as a business center.

SWIPRA Services is pleased to be part of the conference.

The conference will take place on June 27th, 2023 and is targeted at board members, CEOs of listed companies in all sectors and entrepreneurs of larger family businesses (+250 employees). More information