Webinar AGM Season 2020: Take Aways and Learnings for 2021|August 26, 2020

Webinar together with MorrowSodali and IR Club Switzerland

The AGM season 2020 will be remembered as a special one. It will not only be the season with the shortest AGM meetings in history, but also the starting point to a period where a lot of existing structures will have to be rethought. The Corona crisis is not only putting a lot of strain on businesses’ operations, but is also forcing Boards of Directors to reconsider strategy and governance frameworks. A particular focus in this regard concerns an old economic principle: the integration of corporate social responsibility, incentive and capital allocation frameworks with strategy to create long-term sustainable businesses.

In this joint webinar SWIPRA Services and Morrow Sodali will provide a review of the AGM Season 2020 in Switzerland and abroad and discuss key developments and themes in investor and proxy advisor behavior expected for 2021. IR club members from Nestlé and Leonteq will share their experiences and views on these topics and lead into a broad discussion to exchange views amongst peers.