SWIPRA Co-hosted Event

Webinar - Morrow Sodali Institutional Investor Survey 2021 | 4 March 2021

Morrow Sodali and SWIPRA Services are pleased to invite you to the webinar on Morrow Sodali’s most current Institutional Investor Survey. The survey was conducted for the sixth time and covers the bulk of the global asset management field with most large and influential investors participating across a wide spread of geographies.

On top of identifying important issues and investor views on the upcoming AGM season such as executive remuneration, board engagement and accountability, corporate reporting and the role of activism, this year’s survey addresses the growing importance of ESG and sustainability in investment decisions, and the risks and opportunities that come with it.

In this webinar, Morrow Sodali and SWIPRA Services will discuss the key findings of the survey and the implications for the upcoming AGM season and beyond.

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