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SWIPRA Newsletter - Outlook 2022 Swiss AGM Season

AGMs 2022 – Are you prepared?

Zurich, January 24, 2022 – The upcoming AGMs are expected to again take place mostly in the absence of shareholders. A focus will be on how the announcements and pledges made during the Pandemic years are now being consistently carried over into companies’ strategies. This will mainly concern decisions on compensation quantum and structures, capital allocation and board composition. The board has to explain the respective strategic goals and the journey to reach them to its stakeholders while mediating between conflicting demands. Approaches and experiences of how this is done in practice were discussed at the SWIPRA Survey event in December 2021, stressing the role of stakeholder engagement and board exposure. Specifically, for the AGMs 2022, boards need to explain:

This begs the question: Are you prepared?

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