SWIPRA Corporate Governance Survey

SWIPRA Corporate Governance Survey 2016

Governance of Swiss companies is increasingly shaped by international investors. And: Sustained criticism on pay for performance disclosure

A majority of Swiss institutional investors sees little value in exercising voting rights at shareholder meetings and does not participate in engagements with issuers – the opposite is true for international institutional investors who increasingly influence the governance of Swiss companies. This is one of the headline findings of SWIPRA’s Corporate Governance Survey 2016. The majority of investors further continues to perceive executive compensation as not reasonably aligned with achieved performance. This perception may be driven by insufficient disclosure: Less than one tenth of the investors are satisfied with the pay for performance disclosure. In addition, many institutional investors perceive the information on pay for performance in other countries as more substantial than in Switzerland, while a majority of Swiss issuers views Switzerland as a role model in this regard.

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