SWIPRA Corporate Governance Survey 2022

10 years SWIPRA Corporate Governance Survey: ESG has become the most important engagement topic, yet investors and companies are still divided on sustainability?

Zurich, 29 November 2022 – In the 10th SWIPRA Corporate Governance Survey amongst institutional shareholders and companies, ESG is ranked as the top engagement topic for the first time. Concurrently, the survey also shows that both sides also point at each other when asked why progress towards global climate targets is moving to slowly: For 56% of companies, investors' short-term optimization of returns deters faster progress towards climate targets; 47% of investors, on the other hand, see the reason for this slow pace in the short-term oriented remuneration systems of companies. The remuneration issue, which was the focus of the SWIPRA survey series starting ten years ago, is now also assessed strongly from an ESG point of view. 74% of shareholders criticize that ESG incentives have too little weight in companies’ remuneration systems. There is also a need for discussion towards the Annual General Meetings in 2024: On the one hand, there are different opinions on the required substance in the reporting for the say-on-sustainability, i.e., the vote on non-financial disclosures. On the other hand, many shareholders are still unaware that their rights will remain unchanged, regardless of whether the 2024 AGM will be held virtually or physically.

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