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Encouraging Dialogue

We encourage a constructive dialogue between investors and issuers on corporate governance

Objective Analysis

We provide objective and differentiated analyses on all topics of corporate governance

Scientific Approach

We follow a scientifically-based and market-oriented view on corporate governance to generate long-term value

Think Tank

We bring together leading experts to advance corporate governance in Switzerland


Corporate Governance Excellence 2021 - FuW Conference | July 8, 2021

Event with SWIPRA Participation


The "Corporate Governance Excellence" conference, which is being held for the first time, reviews the extraordinary year 2020 from the perspective of Swiss boards of directors. In the evening, the event will be followed by a gala dinner and awards ceremony, at which the best board members of the year will be selected.

The Corporate Governance Excellence Forum of "Finanz und Wirtschaft" has set itself the task of highlighting important developments in the environment of boards of directors and what opportunities they can create for Switzerland as a business center.

SWIPRA Services is pleased to be part of the conference and to contribute to the panel discussion "Exploring the "G" in ESG".

The conference (program) will take place on July 8, 2021 (Covid-19 backup date: September 8, 2021). Register here with the promo code "Swipra".

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We support you in an investor-focused and transparent structuring of your corporate governance


We support you in the responsible exercise of your shareholder rights

Governance Think Tank

We promote a dialogue and shared understanding of corporate governance and are supported by our corporate and investor advisory boards.

Insights & News

Corporate Governance Insights and News

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Governance Specialist We have longstanding experience as independent Swiss corporate governance specialist.

Holistic view We consult from an inside-out view, taking into consideration a variety of stakeholder perspectives to create broad acceptance.

Strong network We are internationally well networked and respected across the capital market.

Thought leadership We work with a Think Tank of leading personalities from the corporate and investor community.

Independent research We maintain a comprehensive proprietary knowledge data base and conduct our own international market analyses for professional support.

Our holistic approach and integrated view on corporate governance and corporate social responsibility guide the identification and management of relevant governance risks.






SWIPRA Newsletter - Swiss AGM Season 2021

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Corporate Governance Excellence 2021 - FuW Conference | July 8, 2021

Event with SWIPRA Participation




4. Swiss Corporate Governance Dialog | September 2, 2021


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